Darrish AU: Derek loses his memory - forgetting the last eight years of his life.

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i would like to present to you the delightful mental image of jaeger pilots crossing their fingers that there is not a kaiju attack anytime in the next week, because otherwise they’ll have to sync up to achieve a neural handshake and their drift partner will probably find out what they’re getting for their birthday

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shadowc44 replied to your post:We’re giving up our cat and it’s making me really…

I’m so sorry to hear that! I hope you’ve found a good home for your kitty.

None of our in-town friends are up for taking in a cat who pees on everything, so we’re giving her up to a shelter. We’ve tried everything to get her to stop, but I think she’ll be happier if she can find a home where they can pay more attention to her.

We’re giving up our cat and it’s making me really sad.

Tumblr problems:

Getting used to the mashup music posts, and then listening to the original songs and being confused, because there’s something missing…


We’ve had some great author recs coming in the past few days, mostly Klaine, but some Kurtbastian, Kurtofsky, and Kadam, too! Keeps the recs coming!

Today’s special request: rec your favorite femmeslash author! Brittana, Faberry, Quinntina, Rachelcedes, Karley, doesn’t matter, just rec them!

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this is, inarguably, the best picture all convention

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tell me you don’t love ian bohen

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Nah, they just got older and got jobs as your local law enforcement and government officials.

They raised children and grandchildren who think exactly like them. 

And the children and grandchildren of these terrorists are continuing their work, giving us hell on our jobs and in college courses, even to our babies on the playground.

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The overwhelming injustice of John Crawford’s murder. 

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itsjustalittlehocuspocus said: So I've now seen you refer to Wes as a Slytherin and Connor as a Hufflepuff in your tags and I think I'm going to need you to elaborate on all your HTGAWM HP sortings immediately because you clearly know where it's at



I’ll start with the easy ones:


Asher is basically a textbook/stereotypical Slytherin: out for himself, arrogant, ambitious, not above backstabbing to get what he wants, he doesn’t have friends, etc. But he’s also a good leader and has the drive to succeed, though his innate selfishness always means he has his own best interests at heart. 


Another textbook case, Michaela is not your Luna Lovegood type of Ravenclaw. She is driven by her need to know the most, be the best, and fuck everyone else. She is selfish too, but more in the sense that she doesn’t want to share knowledge she gains. It’s hers to use as she wants. Definitely a perfectionist, she’s used to being the smartest and brightest in the room, and when she’s not it makes her both furious and scared. 


Gryffindor isn’t an easy fit for Laurel, but it is the best fit. She’s used to being underestimated, but as the saying goes Still Waters Run Deep. She always wants to do the right thing, but isn’t afraid of going about it in the wrong way. She can be indecisive over hard decisions at first, but when she commits to an action she barrels ahead to achieve it and fuck the consequences. 


Connor gives off a first impression of being a natural fit for Slytherin, but as you get to know him better it’s clear that Hufflepuff is the better House for him. Yes, he’s ambitious and wants to be the best, and like Asher is main loyalty is to himself rather than friends or a cause. He has charisma and charm, and can talk his way out of most any situation he finds himself in. So Jessica, you’re asking, what about this makes him not a Slytherin? Everything you’ve just described is textbook Slytherin! The answer isn’t as simple as having a heart of gold, or anything like that. Yes, most people think of Hufflepuffs as the squishy sort, but you have to remember that House also produced Nymphadora Tonks and Zacharias Smith (and in popular fanon, Dolores Umbridge), so there’s got to be more to them than sunshine and rainbows. 

I sort Connor into Hufflepuff for two main reasons: he’s patient, and so far everything he’s done hasn’t necessarily been for recognition so much as getting results. The recognition is a nice bonus for sure, but he doesn’t really have the same resentment as Asher and Michaela do when they lose out on the trophy. Connor is the type to keep pecking (haha see what I did there?) away at a problem until he finds the solution, and though his means to achieving that solution are questionable at best, he’s not malicious in his intent. So, patience, hardworking and loyal, three major Hufflepuff traits, are all traits that Connor embodies. (I would even be as specific as saying he’s, for the most part, a Hufflepuff Scorpio, despite not knowing his birthdate.)

WES - 

Wes is someone that people are tempted to put straightaway into Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, but they would be 100% wrong. Yes, he’s brave and honorable. Yes, he has a strong moral compass and a desire to Do The Right Thing. Yes, he’s an adorable bb with an often confused expression that makes you want to cuddle him and give him anything he wants, no questions asked. And you would be incredibly mistaken if you think he’s not 1001% aware of all of this, and how to use it to his advantage. 

Wes’ ambition is well hidden for the most part, but it is there and it is his driving force. We’ve seen in canon that he’s resourceful, and has the ability to turn things in his favor even if it looks like it shouldn’t work. His cunning is well hidden, but people would be fools to overlook it. He’s polite and charming, but he would leave you stranded on a deserted island without a second thought if it was the only way to get what he wanted. That’s not say he wouldn’t look for alternatives first, but he can and will make the hard decision if it’s necessary to achieve his end goal.  

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Anonymous said: I am immediately suspicious of anyone who can't imagine Steve in a relationship with Sam, but is perfectly okay with shipping Steve with every other white male or female character.



The Sam/Steve ship was so obvious, like even if someone doesn’t ship it, no one can say “I don’t get it”. I can understand not liking the ship because it doesn’t have much obvious angst potential, but people saying they don’t “see it” is what makes me suspicious.

100% agree

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Parrish is burning.  Enjoy a slightly larger version here.

I literally fell out of my chair laughing at this!

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